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Megaesophagus  .... What is it? 

"Megaesophagus" occurs when the muscles of the esophagus fail and it becomes a non-functioning organ. At this point, the esophagus can no longer propel food or water to the stomach.


** Regurgitation of food and water

**Loss of appetite, refusal to eat

**Sudden weight loss

**Swallowing difficulty or frequent swallowing

**Continual throat clearing or hacking sound

**Aspiration pneumonia


The vertical feeding method is the BEST option for the management of Megaesophagus.  The best method to maintain the vertical position for feeding and post meal sit time, is with a "Bailey Chair.  This position provides the clearest path from the esophagus to the stomach , utilizing gravity.

Please note: All dogs need post-meal sit time in the vertical position,  usually varying between 15 - 30 minutes.

Food type, consistency and timing are also i​mportant.  Fl​uid intake may vary as well as possible medications to help reduce acid and treat primary causes.   

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